Backing Up and Restoring Server Configuration Data

SAP Mobile Platform Server configuration data is a combination of file system properties, Windows registry settings, and database data. You should perform regular backups of server configuration data so that it can be restored if there is a host system file corruption.

Backing Up Server Configuration Data

Back up the contents of the <SMP_HOME> folder at regular intervals and whenever you make a change that affects the file system.

Back up the database using the vendor's recommended database backup procedures. Perform database backups on a regular basis to ensure the integrity of the backup and limit the size of the database transaction logs.

Restoring Server Configuration Data

To restore server data:
  1. Based on the extent of the failure, do one of the following:
    • Replace or reformat the host file system and reinstall the operating system.
    • Uninstall SAP Mobile Platform Server and delete the <SMP_HOME> folder.
  2. Install the server, making sure to not check the Start SAP Mobile Platform Server service automatically when Windows starts up checkbox.
  3. Restore the backup of the <SMP_HOME>\Server folder.
  4. Make sure that the Windows user smpServiceUser has Windows security settings set to Full Control for the <SMP_HOME>\Server folder.