Configuring an LDAP Provider to Use SSL

If your LDAP server uses a secure connection, and its SSL certificate is signed by a nonstandard certificate authority, for example it is self-signed, import the certificate into the key store, then use Management Cockpit to configure an LDAP security profile.


  1. Use the keytool utility to import the certificate into the keystore.
  2. Restart SAP Mobile Platform services.
  3. Log in to Management Cockpit for SAP Mobile Platform.
  4. Navigate to Settings, then select Security Profiles. Select the desired security configuration in which to add the LDAP provider.
  5. Add a Directory Service (LDAP/AD) authentication provider to an existing security profile or create a new profile if needed.
  6. In Authentication Provider Settings, configure the ProviderURL, Security Protocol, ServerType, Bind DN, Bind Password, Search Base, and other properties as determined by you and your LDAP administrator.
  7. Choose one of the two methods below to secure a connection to the LDAP server:
    1. Use ldaps:// instead of ldap:// in the ProviderURL.
    2. Use ssl in the Security Protocol.
  8. Click Save.