Common Security Infrastructure

The SAP Mobile Platform common security infrastructure (CSI) provides an extensible model for integrating with existing security infrastructures.

CSI login modules conform with Java JAAS, which enables SAP Mobile Platform to integrate with LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, and so on.

Security applies to the following components:
  • Server security – the server provides data services to device clients by interacting with databases. You configure databases and server components to work with the internal corporate LAN. Each runtime service uses its own communication port (secured and unsecured).

  • Application security – secure interactions with back-end data sources. Application security ensures that device users can access application data by logging in through a configured security profile. If you are using Push Notification, those notifications can be sent securely.

  • Device security – developers and administrators can combine multiple mechanisms to fully secure devices. Device-security features include data encryption, login screens, and data vaults for storing sensitive data.

  • Agentry security – the Agentry Server supports client data and password encryption, encrypted client-server communications, and authentication certificates.