Application, Device, and User Registration

Before an application can access the runtime, you must register the user, the device, and the application with SAP Mobile Platform Server. You can create subscriptions only when all three entities are known.

In Management Cockpit, administrators set up application registration.

Registration is handled on the client side through Logon Manager. When a user logs in from a device (or is logged in anonymously by a client application), SAP Mobile Platform Server authenticates the user using the security profile configured for the application. If authentication is successful:
  1. The server generates a registration ID for the application+user+device combination, and creates a record in the database, which allows the device application to consume SAP Mobile Platform data and services.
  2. SAP Mobile Platform Server sends the registration ID to the device application.
  3. For subsequent requests such as those to access a back-end data source, the device client sends the registration ID to the server.