Workload Analysis with Wily Introscope

Wily Introscope is a third-party diagnostic tool that can be integrated into your system landscape to quickly isolate and resolve performance issues through workload data, basic tracing functionality, and historic diagnostics data. Administrators can use performance data points for several metrics to assess overall performance of the system.

The Enterprise Manager serves as the central repository for all Introscope performance data and metrics collected in an application environment. The SAP Mobile Platform Introscope agent collects key performance metrics, which you can review using the Introscope Enterprise Manager dashboard user interface. When SAP Mobile Platform is included as part of a broader SAP system, you can view the Introscope performance data and metrics using the SAP Solution Manager dashboard. See for more information about using the SAP Solution Manager for workload analysis.

To use Introscope with SAP Mobile Platform Server, install Introscope Enterprise Manager and configure the SAP Mobile Platform Introscope Agent.