Role Mapping

Map SAP Mobile Platform logical roles to users' physical roles that are defined in your identity management system.

SAP Mobile Platform uses a role-based-access-control (RBAC) security model. All users, user passwords, and user-access control information is managed in your identity management systems using the administrative tools you typically use for these systems. Users belong to physical roles in your system, and those physical roles map to logical roles defined in SAP Mobile Platform.

SAP Mobile Platform supports administrative users with the Administrator logical role. For administrative users to have access to SAP Mobile Platform Server in a production environment, you must map the Administrator logical role to the corresponding physical roles or groups in your identity management system or security repository.

SAP Mobile Platform does not support custom individual users, for example, a read-only user. SAP Mobile Platform has a fixed set of predefined logical roles, which grant certain permissions to users when they aree mapped to physical roles. Administrators cannot define additional logical roles or manage the permissions associated with them.