Validating the Production Admin Security Profile

After you add a provider to the Admin security profile, for example Directory Service (LDAP/AD), you can test the login before removing the System Login (Admin Only) provider from the security profile.


If validation problems arise, you can simplify troubleshooting by changing the log level for the security component to capture more detailed information.


Log in to Management Cockpit using the login credentials for a user mapped to the Administrator role, for example, an LDAP user that is in an LDAP group mapped to the Administrator logical role.
  • If the login succeeds:
    1. Remove the System Login (Admin Only) authentication provider from both SAP Mobile Platform Server and Management Cockpit set-up locations.

    2. Reduce the logging levels for both SAP Mobile Platform Server and Management Cockpit to Info or Warn.

  • If the login fails:
    1. Check these server logs:
      • <SMP_HOME>\Server\log\server.log

      • <SMP_HOME>\Server\log\<hostname>-smp-server.log