Resetting the Administrator Password

You can manually reset the current platform administration password.



  1. Open the admin.xml file, located in <SMP_HOME>\Server\configuration\\CSI, and modify this line:
    <options encrypted="false" name="password" value="{TXT}s3pAdmin" />

    In this example, password encryption is set to false and the new password is set to s3pAdmin. You can replace this password with any password you choose.

  2. Save the file.
  3. Restart Management Cockpit, and log in using s3pAdmin as the password.
    Management Cockpit opens the management view on the local server.
  4. In Management Cockpit, select Start of the navigation path Settings Next navigation step Security Profiles End of the navigation path, then:
    1. Click admin.
    2. Select System Login (Admin Only).
    3. Enter the new password.
    4. Click Save.
    5. When you see the Authentication Provider Changes message, click OK, and click Save.
  5. Log out of Management Cockpit, then log in again using the new password.
  6. Go to <SMP_HOME>\Server\configuration\\CSI, and verify that the admin.xml encryption is configured correctly, and that the password is no longer recorded in clear text.
    <authenticationProvider controlFlag="optional" name="">
    <options name="username" value="smpAdmin"/>
    <options name="roles" value="Administrator,Notification User"/>
    <options encrypted="true" name="password" value="1-AAAAEgQQWd8NguXX5nswpWF1vUFPtcJhjmoiSYUzEAAiY3vWkZ+Y/33cWAoUD+EV/D80Yo4vie/XIyZVoBZbTT9ijxHDe7wbIBsagzS0DdAvS5lTRvRRNVp83+pTjQ3mmMNt5FmxrGvUV5fVQ2JI1YaTPbd+Tw=="/>


The password change takes effect when you create a new Management Cockpit session.