Communication Security

Securing component communication prevents packet sniffing and data tampering. Different combinations of components communicate using different protocols and different ports.

End-to-end data encryption support is based on Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which secure client/server communication using X.509 certificates. Communication security includes:
  • Devices to SAP Mobile Platform – devices connect via a reverse proxy, which is the first line of defense for the platform, acting as a proxy for the device, and facilitating interactions with SAP Mobile Platform Servers installed on the corporate LAN.
  • Server to device applications – SAP Mobile Platform supports only HTTP/HTTPS connections from clients; responses are sent on the same channel. SAP recommends the HTTPS protocol to secure the data.
  • Server to Management Cockpit – communication between the server and Management Cockpit uses one-way SSL authentication on port 8083 by default. Although the server includes a sample certificate that enables one-way SSL authentication automatically, you should exchange the certificate with a production-ready one immediately following installation.