Establishing Connectivity: Host File System

The Agentry application can establish a system connection with the file system of the host computer on which it is installed.

This connection allows the server to read and write files, and transfer those files between clients and the file system. It also enables the Agentry application to execute command line processes on the host system. Finally, the Agentry application can use this connection to read and write text files, using the contents as part of the production data for an application.

To implement a file system connection for the Agentry application, the host system must include a user account under which the Agentry application runs. This account must have appropriate permissions to perform the tasks required by the application. That is, the account must have read/write access to the folders or directories on the file system with which it will be working, and the proper permissions to execute the commands the application has been developed to execute.

Execute all Agentry application operations using this account, including configuring the Windows Service or Linux daemon process to run the server.