Configuring Virus Scan

Configure and perform virus scanning to ensure the security and integrity of your landscape.

SAP Mobile Platform Server includes the Netweaver Virus Scan Interface (NW-VSI) for Java OSGi applications to facilitate virus scanning capabilities.

SAP-managed databases and files that are uploaded or deployed and stored on SAP Mobile Platform Server filesystems can be vulnerable to threats. Performing virus scans on external data each time an application transfers a file to or from an SAP-managed databases and filesystems can ensure that your system is secure. The diagram below illustrates how the NW-VSI is implemented in SAP Mobile Platform Server to facilitate virus scanning.

All SAP Mobile Platform services (the SAP Mobile Platform Server Java Coding) use the provided SMP3 Scan Service to run a virus scan on binary content. The SMP3 Scan Service, in turn, uses the SAP NW-VSI Scan Service (also included in the SAP Mobile Platform Server) to invoke the SAP VSI library. A Virus Scan Adapter (VSA) specific to your AntiVirus (AV) software acts as a bridge between the SAP VSI library and the Scan Engine provided by the your system AV provider. The VSA is external toSAP Mobile Platform Server as a native library, and its location is configured via properties available to SAP Mobile Platform Server.