SMS Available on Cell Authentication

The SmsAocAuthenticationHandler implements the IAuthenticationHandler interface and can be used for consumer authentication in line with transaction processing. The handlers leverage a preconfigured “application” in SMS Builder to start an interactive SMS session with the customer.

  • Preferences node: /businesslayer/com/sybase365/mobiliser/money/businesslogic/authentication/handlers/smsaoc/SmsAocAuthenticationHandler
  • ConfigAdmin PID:
You can set these configuration options:
Key Default Description
regex.yes (ja)|(yes)|(oui)|(si) Defines the regular expression to use to validate the positive user response.
brand.base http://localhost:8081 Indicates the configured service URL of SMS Builder.
brand.client   Indicates the configured client context for SMS Builder service.
brand.shortcode   Indicates the configured short code to use in SMS Builder.
brand.keyword. payer payeraoc Specifies the configured keyword in SMS Builder to launch the application implementing the payer Advice of Charge authentication process.