Transaction Configuration

Most transaction-related configuration takes place in specific database tables. Preferences configuration is performed only in very few places of the transaction-related business logic.

  • Preferences node: /businesslayer/com/sybase365/mobiliser/money/businesslogic/transaction/TransactionConfiguration
  • ConfigAdmin PID:
You can set these configuration options:
Key Default Description
disableOpenTransactionsCheck false Disables the check for open transactions for the payer. Depending on the system and use case configuration, there must be only one "open" transaction (error code = 0 &&, status code = 0) for the payer of a transaction (mostly to match an incoming, asynchronous authentication request that must be matched to the transaction).
alwaysCreate AuthorisationCode false Creates a transaction authorization code, even if the authorization fails.
defaultExpirationMinutes 20,160 (14 days) Sets the default authorization expiry date when use case does not have a specific configuration.