Transmission Control Protocol Interface

This configuration defines the transmission control protocol (TCP) interface to Mobiliser.

  • Preferences node: /businesslayer/com/sybase365/mobiliser/framework/gateway/tcp
  • ConfigAdmin PID: com.sybase365.mobiliser.framework.gateway.tcp
You can set these configuration options:
Key Default Description
port 8088 Defines the port to use for the TCP socket.
replyTimeout 10000 Defines the time, in milliseconds, for which the gateway waits for a reply.
useNio false Indicates whether or not the connection uses New I/O (NIO).
applySequence false Sequences messages when using NIO.  If attribute is true, correlationId and sequenceNumber headers are added to messages received.
soTimeout 0 Defaults to 0 (infinity), except for server connection factories with single-use="true," in which case, it defaults to the default reply timeout.
soSendBufferSize 0 See, located at: published on non-SAP site

soReceiveBufferSize 0 See, located at: published on non-SAP site

soTcpNoDelay false See, located at: published on non-SAP site

lookupHost false Specifies whether reverse lookups are performed on IP addresses to convert to host names for use in message headers. If false, the IP address is used instead of the host name.
poolSize false This attribute is deprecated. For backward compatibility, users should specify the connection backlog in server factories.
singleUse false Specifies whether a connection can be used for multiple messages. If true, a new connection is used for each message.
localAddress   Specifies an IP address for the interface to which the socket is bound on a multi-homed system.
taskSchedulerPoolSize 10 Defines the size of the task scheduler used by Spring Integration.
maxMessageSize 10240 Defines the maximum size allowed for a message; bridges TCP and Spring Web Services.
endpointPathFilter /smartphone, /spmmbanking Indicates a comma-separated list of context paths that are not considered for use with the TCP interface.
ip_xxx   Specifies any number of options with the prefix ip_ followed by an IP address matcher. Map this key to a valid user in the system. The call is authenticated to this user. Access to the port from a particular host must be handled outside the TCP interface since it does no other checking that considering a host as being preauthenticated with a particular user, such as:

The configuration options map directly to the IP endpoint configuration in Spring integration: published on non-SAP site