cron jobs are configured in the MOB_JOBS database table.

Field Required Description
ID_JOB Yes Indicates the unique integer to identify a job.
STR_HANDLER_NAME Yes Defines the handler name.
STR_SCHEDULE Yes Defines job schedule in cron expression format. See cron Expression Reference.
ID_IMPLEMENTATION_TYPE Yes Defines the meaning of the URL_IMPLEMENTATION string. Valid values are:
  • using the full class name.
  • using the job bean name as the filter string.
The value 2 means using full class name and the value 3 means using job bean name as filter string.
URL_IMPLEMENTATION Yes Defines the service filter to apply to find the proper implementation of IMobiliserCronJob in the OSGi service registry. If ID_IMPLENTATION_TYPE=2, use the full class name with the package name where the job is implemented. If ID_IMPLEMENTATION_TYPE=3, use the job bean name.
BOL_IS_ACTIVE Yes Indicates whether job is active or not. Y if active; otherwise, N.
DAT_LAST_EXECUTION No Indicates the date the job was last executed. Set to NULL initially.
INT_MAX_DELAY No Sets the maximum about of time, in minutes, a job can still execute after the scheduled time (for example, in case of system restart).
INT_MAX_DURATION No Sets the maximum length of time, in minutes, the job can continue. After this length of time, the job is handled as failed.
STR_JOB No Defines the description of the job.
STR_PARAMETER No Indicates the parameters that the job handler requires for job processing.
DAT_CREATION No Indicates the date the job is created.
ID_CUSTOMER_CREATION No Indicates the customer ID of who created the job.
DAT_LAST_UPDATE No Indicates the date the job was last updated.
ID_CUSTOMER_LAST_UPDATE No Indicates the customer ID of who last updated the job