Enabling Strong Encryption in Java Development Kit

By default, a Java Development Kit (JDK) installation supports only advanced encryption standard (AES) with 128-bit key length, which may be considered insecure.


The SAP Mobile Platform VM included in installation is approved for international distribution. However, you may choose to enable strong encryption for added security.


  1. To enable strong cryptography on your Java Virtual Machine (JVM), download to replace the following existing files provided in SAP Mobile Platform at <SMP_HOME>\sapjvm_8\jre\lib\security
    • local_policy.jar
    • US_export_policy.jar
  2. Go to published on non-SAP site:
    1. Accept the license agreement.
    2. Download
  3. Stop SAP Mobile Platform Server.
  4. Extract the zip file contents to overwrite the two existing .jar files.
  5. Restart the server to use the strong security.