Task Handlers

The Task Handlers option displays a list of existing task handlers, which are called by tasks. A task handler coordinates the activities of a task.

Field Label Description
Status Current status:
  • Listening – active and waiting to be notified when an event occurs.
  • Catchup – events are still processing.
Event Name Name of the event with which the handler is registered.
Current Active Thread Number of threads that are currently running.
Current Idle Thread Number of inactive threads that are allocated to this handler's thread pool.
Max Active Thread Maximum size of the event handler's thread pool.
Max Idle Thread Maximum number of inactive threads in the pool.
Total Number of Runs Number of times the task handler was invoked.
Last Run At Date and time of last run.
Total Events Processed Number of events the handler processed.
Average Process Time (ms) Average number of milliseconds the handler spent processing an event.
Total Events Success Number of events the handler processed successfully; the process method returned true.
Total Events Fail Number of events that failed; the process method returned false, or threw an exception.
Last Fail At Date and time of last failed processing event.
Events Marked Expired Number of events that expired before processing.
Events Marked Catch Up Number of events that are still processing regenerated events.