Configuring New Database Installations

SMS Builder installs with an embedded SQL Anywhere database that you can use for development and testing. For production, use either an IBM DB2 or an Oracle database.


Install a DB2 or an Oracle database. SAP Product Availability Matrix (PAM) published on SAP site. Search for SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 (search box in the upper-right corner), and select either SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 or SAP Mobile Platform SDK 3.0.


A database administrator (DBA) should install, configure, and support a production database. Installation procedures vary by database platform; review them with your DBA. Run database scripts to create a tablespace, database objects, and the initial data.


  1. Review the database scripts that are included with the product for compliance with corporate policies.
  2. Perform the appropriate tasks for your database:
    Database Perform These Tasks
    IBM DB2
    1. Configure the DB2 Database.
    2. Enable the DB2 JDBC Driver.
    1. Configure the Oracle Database.
    2. Install the Oracle JDBC Driver.
    3. Enable the Oracle JDBC Driver.