Installing Oracle JDBC Drivers

To use an Oracle database, install an Oracle JDBC driver.


  1. Download the Oracle JDBC driver from the Oracle Web site at published on non-SAP site.
  2. Unzip the downloaded package and find ojdbc6.jar.
  3. Copy ojdbc6.jar to the thirdparty/oracle directory.
    There should be a manifest file in the directory called oraclemanifest.
  4. Update the manifest in ojdbc6.jar with oraclemanifest:
    1. Change to the thirdparty/oracle directory.
    2. Run:
      jar -umvf oraclemanifest ojdbc6.jar
  5. Copy the modified ojdbc6.jar to the bundle/application directory, and rename it oracle-jdbc-osgi_11.
    cp ojdbc6.jar ${BRAND_HOME}/bundle/application/oracle-jdbc-osgi_11. 

    where BRAND_HOME is set to the SMS Builder installation directory.

  6. Configure the location of the Oracle JDBC driver:
    1. Open the conf/ file.
    2. Under the #JDBC drivers section, add this line:

Next Steps

Enable the Oracle JDBC driver.