Creating Workspaces

A workspace is a logical grouping of applications, users, and, other artifacts. In addition to a unique name, a workspace also has a unique short or long code.


  1. To create a workspace, on the Web UI navigation bar, select Workspace Administration.
  2. In the Workspace and User list, select Manage Workspaces.
  3. On the Workspaces screen, select Add New Workspace.
  4. On the Manage Workspace screen, enter values for these parameters, and click Save:
    • Name – unique name of the workspace.
    • Short Name – name and short name can be the same, but they must be unique in the system.
    • Select an outbound channel from the list.
  5. Select the Shortcode tab, and enter a short code.
    After you add a short code to a workspace, all incoming messages with a destination MSISDN equal to the short code are sent to the workspace.
  6. (Optional) To determine the value of the Origination MSISDN property in outbound messages, set one of these flags:
    • Default – if this flag is set and the Use for Reply flag of the incoming-message's short code is not set, the value of Origination MSISDN in outbound messages is set to this short code
    • Use for Reply – if this flag is set for the short code to which the inbound message is sent, the value of Origination MSISDN in outbound messages is set to this short code.
  7. Click Add.
    The short code is added to the workspace. To add another short code, repeat steps 5–7.


You can edit an existing workspace by selecting it from the Manage Workspace screen.