System Configuration Files

Configure system components in SMS Builder configuration files.

Server Configuration Files

Server configuration files are located in the <SMSBUILDER_HOME>/conf directory. and are required to start the server:
  • contains messaging server configurations, which are based on the Apache Felix implementation. You need not change most of these settings, as they pertain to the SMS Builder platform. If you apply a patch, follow the step-by-step instructions provided with the patch.
  • contains subsystem configurations, such as logging, the Jetty HTTP server, and encryption settings. If you plan to encrypt configuration property values, enable encrypting in

SMS Builder Web UI

The user interface for SMS Builder is configured in the file.

AIMS System Web Console

During development, use the AIMS System Web console to inspect the OSGi container, deployed bundles, and register configurations. The Web console does not meet production standards, so to prevent unintended deployment to production, it is by default, disabled.

Jetty Servlet Container

The Jetty servlet container hosts Web applications, and is configured in the file. As described on the Apache Jakarta Web site, AJP13 is a connector component that communicates with a Web connector via the AJP protocol. AJP13 may be useful if you want to invisibly integrate Tomcat 4 (or Jetty) into an Apache installation, and you want Apache to handle the static content contained in the Web application, or to use Apache SSL processing. In many application environments, using an AJP13 component results in better overall performance than running your applications under Tomcat alone using the HTTP/1.1 connector. For details about the jetty.xml file, see published on non-SAP site.


Logging is controlled by the file; the properties are dynamic and use the log4j configuration format. See published on non-SAP site .