Configuring Oracle Databases

Configure an Oracle database for new SMS Builder installations.


  1. Install an Oracle database.
  2. Create a new hashed password for the admin user, and save it in the /sql/common/current/04-BrandMobiliser-Base-Data.sql script.


Consult your DBA for a custom installation using an existing tablespace or user for the SMS Builder schema.


  1. Edit the <SMSBUILDER_HOME>/sql/oracle/current/02-BrandMobiliser-Users.sql script, and replace XXX with a password for the mwiz2 user:
    create user mwiz2 identified by XXX;
  2. As a user with DBA privileges, log in to the database.
  3. Create a tablespace:
  4. Create the mwiz2 user:
  5. As the mwiz2 user, create a schema:

    Perform all remaining steps as the mwiz2 user.

  6. Create another schema:
  7. Insert initial data and create the admin user:
  8. Configure the JDBC connection in /conf/cfgback/

Next Steps

Install the Oracle JDBC driver.