Hashing the Admin Password

Run the password-hashing tool for the admin user password, and insert it into the database script that creates the admin user. The hashed password is stored in the database.


To comply with SAP security requirements, the script for creating the admin user is disabled. The admin password in the /sql/common/current/04-BrandMobiliser-Base-Data.sql script is a hashed version of Brand!23. Replace this password with a new hashed password.


  1. To generate a hashed password, navigate to the /bin directory, and run:
    ./ <password>

    where <password> is the password to hash.

  2. Edit the 04-BrandMobiliser-Base-Data.sql script, uncomment these lines, and replace $2a$10$xVTSvw3hcCFtZ2DnMav.Te/WsOMBtLC1MV0QLi/z.ziUyJY/T.d0i with the newly hashed password:
    --VALUES (1,'admin','$2a$10$xVTSvw3hcCFtZ2DnMav.Te/WsOMBtLC1MV0QLi/z.ziUyJY/T.d0i',0);