The admin user is automatically created in the SQL Anywhere database when you install SMS Builder. The admin user is created in a production database when you run the database configuration scripts. The admin user has the SUPER_ADMIN role and unlimited access to the system.

The initial password for the admin user is Brand!23. In a production system, the admin user should change the password. The admin user is the platform administrator. Some tasks, such as creating workspaces, and restarting and configuring channels, can be performed only by the platform administrator. In practice, the platform administrator generally creates and configures workspaces, and grants the ADMIN role to users.

A user with the ADMIN role can administer workspaces, create users, and assign workspaces to users. A user with the ADMIN role who is assigned to more than one workspace is the administrator for all those workspaces.

You can deactivate users in the Manage User screen. When inactive users try to log in, they see Invalid user ID or password. Only a system administrator or a DBA can delete users from the database.