Configuring a Production Environment for Deployment

The administrator must complete several prerequisite configuration tasks before deploying applications into the production environment.

Server Configuration

Configure SAP Mobile Platform to support application deployment. Tasks include setting up back-end communications, and push notification.
Task Task Overview
Set up communications between SAP Mobile Platform Server and your back-end systems. Setting up Back-end Communications
Configure the push notification base URL and SOCK proxy properties to enable back-end systems to send notifications to SAP Mobile Platform Server. Server Configuration: System

Security Configuration

Plan and implement platform security before deploying applications into the production system. Tasks include planning your security strategy, setting up levels of security from server to device, and setting up security profiles.
Task Task Overview
Plan your SAP Mobile Platform security landscape, using the security support matrices to plan your strategy and make decisions. Planning Your Security Landscape
Secure your SAP Mobile Platform Server installation as soon as possible after installation, using the quick starts as a guide.

SAP Mobile Platform Authentication Quick Start

Configure security profiles and authentication providersand map physical roles to logical roles

Configuring Security Profiles and Authentication Providers in SAP Mobile Platform

Role Mapping