Publishing Agentry Apps

To publish a new Agentry application, upload the Agentry application ZIP file to SAP Mobile Platform Server. To update an Agentry application, you must publish a new version using a new ZIP to change the definitions.


If you are using an Adaptive Server Enterprise database, before you publish in a cluster environment, verify that the database procedure cache size is larger than the Agentry application size. If it is not, publishing is successful on the server node, but inserting into the database and attempting to push to other server nodes in the cluster fails with the message Encountered error while saving the application to the database. If you proceed without updating the cache size, old and new versions of the application will be used by different sever nodes in the cluster.


The application developer can use Agentry Editor to create an application ZIP file, which contains production definitions, and any other files the developer included. Only production applications can be published to Management Cockpit.

The administrator uploads the ZIP file to Management Cockpit, and can configure additional Agentry settings, and change some Agentry configuration settings made by the developer.


  1. In Management Cockpit, select Start of the navigation path Applications Next navigation step  Next navigation step Configure Next navigation step Application-Specific Settings End of the navigation path.
  2. Under Publish, click Browse to locate the Agentry application ZIP file that was created by the application developer. For example,

    When you publish a new version of an Agentry application, it appears under Published Versions.

  3. Configure additional Agentry settings as needed. Changes to some configuration values may require you to restart the application for the changes take effect.