SAP Mobile Platform Server Log File

The SAP Mobile Platform Server log file captures server activity according to the log level set.

Server Log Format

The following is an excerpt from a typical server log file. See the list of columns below the example, for a description of output columns. The system inserts a pound sign (#) to separate columns.
COLUMNS:Time|TZone|Severity|Logger|ACH|User|Thread|Bundle name|JPSpace|Text

2015 04 27 22:55:44#+0200#INFO#System.out##anonymous#SMPServerStatusManager###SMPServerStatusManager: SAP Mobile Platform Server is starting.  Version: Build: 20150422-2115. |
2015 04 27 22:55:44#+0200#INFO#System.out##anonymous#SMPServerStatusManager###SMPServerStatusManager: 0 of 2 tracked bundles have initialized. |
Column Description
Time The date and timestamp of the log item, in the format YYYY MM DD HH:MM:SS.
TZone The time zone, if included.
Severity The log level, for example, DEBUG, PATH, INFO, WARN, ERROR, and FATAL. This value depends on the log level set for the system logging component.
Logger The system logging component, such as
ACH Not currently used.
User A system user, or anonymous.
Thread The thread used to communicate.
Bundle Name The bundle name, such as (Bundle 281).
JPSpace Not currently used.
Text Message text for the logged item.

For more information on how to read and understand the information in the server log file, see