Managing Security Profiles

Manage multiple security profiles for native, hybrid, Web, Agentry, and Mobile BI applications from a single location.


You can define new security profiles, and edit or delete existing ones. Security profiles include configuration properties, and one or more authentication providers.


  1. In Management Cockpit, select Configure Security Profile on the Home screen to view application connections. Alternately, select Start of the navigation path Settings Next navigation step Security Profile End of the navigation path. Information for all security profiles appears (up to 200 rows)
    There are three default security profiles, which you cannot delete:
    Security Profile Description
    Admin The Admin security profile authenticates and authorizes administrative users.
    Default The Default security profile authenticates access to SAP Mobile Platform Server if a client application does not explicitly specify one. This profile is also used by any container managed authentication if a Web application is deployed to SAP Mobile Platform Server.
    Notification The Notification security profile enables push notifications for the Notification User role.
  2. (Optional) To view more details about a specific security profile, select its URL.