BlackBerry Push Notifications

Configure BlackBerry push notifications to enable the selected application to receive BES/BIS notifications.


(Optional) Enable push synchronization in the BlackBerry server. See the BlackBerry server documentation.


  1. In Management Cockpit, select Start of the navigation path Applications Next navigation step  Next navigation step Configure Next navigation step Push End of the navigation path.
  2. Under Blackberry, select the push type.
    • Select None if you do not want to configure Blackberry push notification.

    • Select BES to configure Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) native notification properties.
      Property Description
      Server URL Address in the form http://<domain_name> or <IP_address>:<port_Number>/pap.
      User (Optional) User who is accessing the URL.

      User password to connect to the URL. If you set a user name, you must enter a password.

    • Select BIS to configure Blackberry Internet Server (BIS).
      Property Description
      Server URL Address in the form https://cp<XXXX><pushRequest>
      Listener Port The push listener port for BIS notifications
      Application ID The unique identifier assigned to the registered push application service

      The configuration property provided by BlackBerry for BIS push

  3. (Optional) Configure push notifications for other applications.