Exporting an Application Configuration

Export the application configuration ZIP file to your local system, retaining many of its settings.


Ensure the application status is consistent (marked in green) before exporting it to your local system.


You can use the export feature for creating a back-up of the application configuration, and as a prerequisite for importing the application configuration to another SAP Mobile Platform Server.
  • In a clustered server environment, the exported application ZIP file is only created on the node to which Management Cockpit is connected.
  • The export process only exports the current version of the selected hybrid app. It will not export any versions that are in the "new" state. If you export an application with no current version, the export process will result in an empty content file. Attempting to import this file will result in an error message being displayed indicating that the uploaded file did not contain any entries.


  1. In Management Cockpit, select Applications.
  2. Select the application, and click Start of the navigation path  Next navigation step  End of the navigation path Export.
  3. Select the relevant configuration to be exported. For all types of application, some configuration settings, such as application information, security profile name, and application-specific configurations are automatically included:
    • For native applications, client resource configuration settings are also automatically exported, and you can select to export Back-end Configuration, Push Configurations, Client Password Policy, and Offline Configuration.
    • For Agentry applications, you can also select to export Back-end Configuration.
    • For hybrid applications, you can also choose to export Back-end Configuration, Push Configurations, Client Password Policy and Offline Configuration.
  4. Click Export.

    The application configuration file downloads (as <appid_version>.ZIP) to the default (Downloads folder) location, which is specified in the browser.

    • The downloaded native application configuration ZIP file contains two subfolders: Manifest.MF and Common. Manifest.MF contains application ID and application version. Common includes an *.smpconfig file, which contains all the information related to the application in the encrypted form. The Agentry and hybrid ZIP files contain an additional subfolder with application-specific settings.
    • Passwords are not exported, with the exception of Agentry passwords. For example, APNS and BES passwords for push configuration, and the password for anonymous user credentials are not exported. Agentry passwords are exported.
    • Only security profile names are exported, and not the complete security profile.