Setting Up Back-End Communications

Set up communications between SAP Mobile Platform Server and your back end. Back end refers to your data source, or enterprise information system (EIS).

Table 2: Back-End Communication Setup Tasks
Task Description
Download back end drivers and libraries (Non-SAP back ends) Download and install all required drivers and libraries for your back-end type.
Download and install Java Connector libraries and utilities (SAP back ends) Download and install the SAPCAR utility and SAP cryptographic library.
Configure back-end communications with an HTTP proxy Configure the proxy host and port. Override for HTTP/HTTPS Authentication provider if required.
Configure host systems for Agentry back ends Configure the host systems that Agentry applications connect to and synchronize data with.

If you are connecting to SAP or non-SAP back ends using Integration Gateway you need to expose OData services using API Toolkit for SAP Mobile Platform and manage OData services using Management Cockpit

If you are using a single sign-on system (SSO) to achieve end-to-end integration across client applications and back-end resources, complete SSO setup as part of your security administration.