Setting Up the Afaria Environment

In order to deliver application configuration data using Afaria, you need to install and configure the Afaria package server and set up automatic enrollment for your devices. Once devices are enrolled you can define the application you are provisioning by setting up application policies. This includes importing the MAF Logon provisioning file, which is used to seed the application with configuration data.


For complete information on installing and configuring Afaria, refer to the following Afaria documentation:
  • Afaria Installation Guide
  • Afaria Administration Reference
The tasks listed below are specific to delivering application configuration data. Refer to the Afaria documentation for the details of each task.
Table 30: Afaria Setup Tasks
Task Description Afaria Documentation
Install and configure the Afaria package server component Delivers applicaton configuration data to devices. Afaria Installation Guide > Package Server
Set up device enrollment policies Automates enrolling devices in Afaria management

Afaria Administration Reference > Enrolling Devices in Management

Afaria Administration Reference > Policy > Enrollment Policies

Set up application policies Defines application packages for devices

Afaria Administration Reference > Application Onboarding > Provisioning Data for iOS and Android Applications

Afaria Administration Reference > Policy > Application Policies