SAP Mobile Platform Server Overview

SAP Mobile Platform Server is an OSGi based application server that provides both application services and core services. Application services are specialized for a specific application type. Core services can be accessed and used by any application type.

SAP Mobile Platform Architecture Diagram

Application services consist of services for Mobiliser and Agentry applications.

Core services consist of the following:
  • Application Analytics – usage statistics that can be displayed graphically in Management Cockpit.
  • App Resources – containers of dynamic configurations, styles, or content that can be downloaded by Native applications.
  • Data Integration – standards-based integration to both SAP and non-SAP back-end systems.
  • HTTP(s) Configuration – open standards for client communications.
  • Lifecycle Management – managing and deploying multiple versions of a hybrid application.
  • Management Cockpit – deploying, managing and monitoring native, hybrid, Agentry, and Mobile BI applications.
  • Offline OData Service – optimizes the transport of data between the backend and the client offline store.
  • Push Notifications – native notifications sent from back-end systems to the server, which forwards them on to the clients.
  • Security Profile – authentication services based on third party identity management systems.
  • Supportability – logs for monitoring system health and troubleshooting.