Managing Inbound Request Traffic

Set thresholds for inbound registration requests, online requests, and offline requests. When the threshold is reached, requests are throttled and the server generates HTTP error code "429 Too Many Requests".


Set the registration, online, and offline request thresholds at the application level, or the online request threshold at the connection level. You can view these settings for each application and connection. Monitor the inbound request traffic via the Server Data Report, and use the data to adjust thresholds to better control request traffic during busy periods.


  1. When you define an application, you can set threshold values in seconds for incoming registration requests, online requests, and offline requests. When you define a back-end connection, you can set threshold values for online requests. Leave blank (default) or set to 0 to remove a threshold. Set a threshold value from 1 ‒ 2147483647.
    Guidelines for managing inbound requests:
    • For applications with low traffic requests, accept the default setting of 0.

    • For applications with high traffic requests, consider setting different registration, online, and offline threshold settings.

  2. Use the Server Data Report to view activity for one or more applications during various time periods to determine request traffic patterns. Use the information to identify periods of high request traffic that may burden the system.
    Keep in mind:
    • If you select multiple applications, the value is a sum value.

    • If you select a single application or connection, the value is for only the selected application and connection.

    • In most cases, the threshold hit count charts should have no data. This means the actual request count is lower than the threshold value, so the server is in a good status.

    • If the charts show a lot of data, then it means the server load is too high or the threshold value is too small.

    • If you leave the threshold blank or set it to 0, there is no limitation, so the threshold hit count chart will never have any data.

  3. Adjust the request thresholds as needed to control request traffic.