Defining Web Services to Transfer Applications

In SAP NetWeaver, define the SAP Mobile Platform SLP Web service URL as an HTTPS endpoint so the CTS+ system can connect to SAP Mobile Platform and transfer applications between landscapes.


Create an SAP NetWeaver CTS+ account to use for configuring application transfers.


In SAP NetWeaver, define the SAP Mobile Platform SLP Web service URL as an HTTPS endpoint: https://<host>:<port>/Admin/CTS/slp, where <host> is the target SAP Mobile Platform Server host and <port> is the admin port number.


  1. Log in to your SAP NetWeaver CTS+ account.
  2. To the right of the check mark , enter /nSM59, and click Enter.
  3. Select HTTP Connections to External Server, and click the Create icon .
  4. Enter:
    • RFC Destination – SLP Web service destination.

    • Description – description for the Web service connection.

  5. Select Technical Settings, and enter:
    • Target Host – host name of the target SAP Mobile Platform Server.

    • Service No. – SAP Mobile Platform Server admin port number; the default is 8083.

    • Path Prefix/Admin/CTS/slp, which is the path to the SLP Web service root directory.

  6. Select Logon & Security, and enter:
    • Basic Authentication – select.

    • User – SAP Mobile Platform admin user name; the default is smpAdmin.

    • Password – password of the admin user.

    • SSL – select Active.

    • SSL Certificate – select ANONYM SSL Client (Anonymous).

  7. (Optional) To improve logging, select the Special Options tab, and either increase the timeout value or select No Timeout.

    If the SLP process takes longer than the timeout value, logging details may be lost.

  8. Click the Save icon.
  9. To verify that SAP Mobile Platform Server can access the SLP Web service, click Connection Test.

    The test calls the SLP root using GET https://<host>:<port>/Admin/CTS/slp with no authentication, so Logon & Security property values are not verified.