Advanced Deployment

If you want to deploy Mobiliser and the portal to two separate applications, a couple of extra steps are required.


SAP Mobile Platform is installed and Mobiliser is active.


There is a line after vm-arguments in which has example values for the additional properties needed when deploying separately. Fill in your URLs and add these properties to your vm-arguments line in

Additionally, the portal.war needs reconfiguration to find its preferences (configuration) values from the remote Mobiliser host.


  1. Configure portal preferences to connect to remote Mobiliser.
    # line by line
    # create a temporary directory
    # add prefs configuration (example would be
    # add prefs configuration
    # add prefs configuration
    # include file inside the WAR file
    # clean up the temporary directory
    mkdir -p /tmp/WEB-INF/classes && \
    echo "host=<appname><accountname>.<landscape>" > /tmp/WEB-INF/classes/ && \
    echo "port=443" >> /tmp/WEB-INF/classes/ && \
    echo "secure=true" >> /tmp/WEB-INF/classes/ && \
    zip portal.war WEB-INF/classes/ /tmp/WEB-INF/classes/ && \
    -rm -rf /tmp/WEB-INF
    You can anually create a file named inside portal.war in the directory WEB-INF/classes. It should contain two lines.
  2. Deploy separate applications: deploy -a $hcpaccount -b $hcpapp_backend -h $hcphost -u $hcpuser -s mobiliser.war deploy -a $hcpaccount -b $hcpapp_portal -h $hcphost -u $hcpuser -s portal.war