Managing a Cluster

View and manage all server nodes in a cluster from a single location.


You can view the state of each server node, restart a node that is online, delete a node that is offline, and view the URLs of other administrative portals in the cluster.


  1. In Management Cockpit, select Cluster.
  2. View status information for an SAP Mobile Platform Server in a cluster node. You can use the filter, search, and sort options, and select tile or table view.
    Field Description
    Node SAP Mobile Platform host name, in the format <server_name.domain>.com.
    Status Online indicates the server is running; Offline indicates it is not.
    Restart Required Indicates whether the server node should be restarted. If a server node is running but requires a restart, this may indicate that configuration changes are waiting to be applied.
    Running Time Total number of hours SAP Mobile Platform Server has been running.
    URL Management Cockpit URL in the format https://<host_name>:<https_admin_port>/Admin/. You can copy and paste the URL in a browser to launch the administrative portal of the selected node.
    Version SAP Mobile Platform version.
    Binding Address The address used for cluster communications; for example https://<host_name>:<https_admin_port>.
    Last Online The number of hours since the server was last online (if available).
  3. (Optional) Restart the server node (available only if the node is online).
  4. (Optional) Delete the server node (available only if the node is offline).