Configuring Server Properties in Management Cockpit

Configure properties for server communications and performance.


Updating some server properties requires a server restart for the changes to take effect (check the help to be sure). In a clustered server environment, you must restart each server node.


  1. In Management Cockpit, select Settings.
  2. Select a server properties group:
    • System to configure server host names and ports, push notifications, back-end connections, system landscape directory settings, enhanced change and transport system settings (CTS+), and other system related settings.
    • Certificates to import local and shared server certificates.
    • Connectors to change HTTP/HTTPS port numbers and other port properties.
    • Database to improve performance by reducing the number of times the database needs to read an object.
    • Feature Restriction Policy Template to manage feature restrictions that apply to all applications.
    • JVM to control the amount of memory allocated to SAP Mobile Platform for the Java Virtual Machine.
    • Offline to improve performance of data transfer between the back end and the client offline store.
    • Repositories to identify a repository for a custom server feature.
  3. Update the server properties as required and click Save.
  4. Restart the server if required for the change to take effect.