Generating Personal Security Environments

Generate a PKCS #12 certificate, and use it to generate Personal Security Environments (PSEs) for Web Dispatcher.


Install SAP Web Dispatcher.


To create a PKCS #12 certificate and generate PSEs using the Web Dispatcher administration interface, see:

Alternately, follow the instructions below:


  1. In SAP Mobile Platform Server, generate a PKCS #12 certificate, for example, smp_crt.p12.
  2. Change to the local Web Dispatcher folder, and generate SAPSSLS.pse and SAPSSLC.pse PSEs by running the following commands; replace C:\smp_crt.p12 with the name and location of the certificate you generated:
    mkdir sec
    set SECUDIR=C:\WebDisp\sec
    sapgenpse.exe import_p12 -p SAPSSLS.pse -z changeit C:\smp_crt.p12
    sapgenpse.exe import_p12 -p SAPSSLA.pse -z changeit C:\smp_crt.p12
    sapgenpse.exe import_p12 -p SAPSSLC.pse -z changeit C:\smp_crt.p12