Testing the VSA using the SAP NW-VSI Java GUI

The SAP NW-VSI bundle included in SAP Mobile Platform Server contains an embedded Java GUI you can use to test the VSA path.



  1. Start the NW-VSA Java GUI using a command window to run:
    cd c:SMP_HOME\Server
    java -jar plugins\
  2. Using the tabs in the GUI, click Start of the navigation path Configuration Next navigation step Providers End of the navigation path, and expand Start of the navigation path Providers Next navigation step Virus Scan Adapter End of the navigation path to select VSA_DEFAULT.

  3. In the Adapter Path field click ..., browse to the full path for the VSA you want to test, and click Set.
    You may need to click on Activateif the provider has not been successfully activated. The tree view on the left of the screen will show a red X next to VSA_DEFAULT if the provider is not activated. This issue indicates that either the VSA library is not correct, or there was a problem with the VSA library communicating to the underlying AV provider. When the icon next to the VSA_DEFAULT does not display the red X, the VSA is active and correctly configured.
  4. Click the Test tab and ensure EICAR Anti-Virus Test File is selected in Start of the navigation path Object to Be Checked Next navigation step Test data End of the navigation path.
  5. Click Execute the Test.
    A message indicating the virus "EICAR test file" was found appears on the screen.