User Interface

Frequently used icons in Management Cockpit.

Table 3: Management Cockpit Icons
Icon Purpose Description
Toggle Menu Toggle between showing and hiding the navigation menu in the left pane. Display the menu for fast, easy navigation; hide it to maximize the window area.
Home Go to the Management Cockpit home screen.
About View information about the platform.
Help Access online documentation on the help portal.
User Profile View current user information.
Log Out Log out of the application.
Create Define a new resource, such as an application or a connection.
Action Settings View a list of available actions, such as Overview, Configure, Delete, Ping, Export, and Publish/Unpublish.
Import Import the resource file.
New Add a new item, for example, a connection, a provider, or a feature restriction policy.
Ping Ping a back-end connection.
Sort Sort a list based on criteria you choose, such as ascending or descending order, or the column name.

Sort Ascending

Sort Descending

Appears in the list heading, and indicates sort criteria, such as ascending or descending order, and the column name used to sort.
Details Open a dialog to see details of the selected resource.
Settings Open a dialog to edit resource settings.