Server Configuration: System Landscape Directory

View current system landscape directory (SLD) server property settings, and optionally access where you can change them.

You can also ping the SLD server, upload configuration settings immediately to Solution Manager, preview settings, and export the settings to a file for download.

This topic describes how to use Management Cockpit to manage SLD settings. For information about integrating SAP Mobile Platform with SAP Solution Manager, see Configuring System Landscape Directory in SAP Mobile Platform. For information about using SAP Solution Manager as part of your SAP Mobile Platform monitoring strategy, see Monitoring and Analysis with SAP Solution Manager and Integrating SAP Solution Manager.

In Management Cockpit, select Start of the navigation path Settings Next navigation step System Landscape Directory End of the navigation path, and configure the property values.

System Landscape Directory Settings

Property Description Default
SLD Server Host

Name or IP address of the system landscape directory server. Data will be uploaded to this server.

Example: <server_name.domain>

SLD Server Port

Port number used for communication with the system landscape directory server.

For example, 50100


Indicates whether to use HTTP or HTTPS.

Click to enable HTTPS.

User Name

The username for the account accessing the system landscape directory.

Password The password for the account accessing the system landscape directory. None
Enable SLD Upload Periodically

Indicates whether to automate periodic upload of data to the system landscape directory.

Click to enable automatic data uploads.

SLD Upload Interval

Identify the interval for periodic upload of data.

For example, if the SLD Upload Time Unit is Days, enter 1 to upload every day.

SLD Upload Time Unit

Identify the interval for periodic upload of data (select Minutes, Hours, or Days).

  1. Verify that Host, Port, and User Name are configured.
  2. To check the server connection status, click Ping. SAP Mobile Platform Server pings the configured System Landscape Directory server, and shows the results in Management Cockpit.

  3. To preform the initial upload of SAP Mobile Platform system data to the SLD, click Upload Payload. SAP Mobile Platform Server sends the formatted server information to the SLD server, and shows the result in Management Cockpit. You can also upload the payload manually at any time with this step, even if uploads are regularly scheduled.

  4. (Optional) To view a snapshot of cluster information in the Preview SLD Payload window, click Preview Payload. The preview includes the database, server nodes in the cluster, ports, components, and so forth. Click Close.

  5. (Optional) To download the slddata.xml file, which contains the same payload content that is uploaded to the SLD server, click Export Payload. This is useful for reference or archive.