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Native OData App Development

The OData SDK provides an open and flexible framework for native OData application development for online and offline applications.

The OData API supports OData service manipulation.

The ODataAPI library is an interface for application developers that provides:

  • OData service implementation independence.
  • Worry free assembling of OData results (parsing of ATOM/XML or JSON is handled internally).
  • Separation of ‘life cycle’ APIs (open, close, refresh of online and offline stores is store specific) from the OData query API, since access to the online and offline stores uses the same ODataAPI.
  • Consistent API usage across both online (remote) OData access and offline (local) OData access.

The ODataAPI contains:

  • ODataStore API – describes how to send and receive OData requests asynchronously or synchronously.
  • Payload API – describes payload information: entity, feed, property, link, and so on.
  • Metadata API – includes ODataMetadata that describes how the feed, data, or resource is structured.

! Tip The application calls the same ODataAPI library whether the OData store is offline or online.

Native OData Webinars, How-to Guides, and Blogs

Authorized users can visit the SAP Community Network (SCN) Web site to view additional OData app development resources.

Best Practices for Online OData App Development

Follow these guidelines to maximize application performance.

  • It is more efficient for the OData provider to expose only the data sets required by the application, than to have a larger data set exposed that the application then filters.

  • In general, it is more efficient to build as much conflict detection into the backend OData producer as possible, for example, by using ETags.

  • For improved performance the OData service provider should support server-side paging.

Configuring the Native OData Application in the Administration Cockpit

Configure the application in the SAP Mobile Platform Server Management Cockpit or HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services Cockpit.

For detailed information see SAP Mobile Platform on SAP Mobile Platform Server or SAP HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Platform.

Task SAP Mobile Platform Server HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services Documentation Notes
Define the application Defining Applications Defining Applications Select Native as the application type
Define back end connections Defining Back-End Connections Defining Back-End Connections
Manage OData Services Managing OData Services
Configure offline applications Server Configuration: Offline Configuring Offline Settings for Applications
Define application authentication Defining Application Authentication Security Configuration in Defining Applications
Manage application logs and end-to-end tracing Managing Application Logs and Traces Managing Application Logs and Traces
Configure Push Notifications Configuring Push Notifications Settings Defining Push Notifications