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Enabling Android Push Notifications

SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Service Development and Operations and SAP Mobile Platform server both support GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) service. First the mobile applications will need to obtain push token from FCM or GCM infrastructure and register this token with mobile services. For more information please see this SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services Development and Operations guide or this SAP Mobile Platform guide. Once the Push token is registered, the mobile services administration infrastructure can be used to send notification to devices.

Setting up FCM capability for application. To Enable FCM for your application follow the Google documentation at (Set Up a Firebase Cloud Messaging Client App on Android)

Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) is the new version of GCM. It inherits the reliable and scalable GCM infrastructure, plus new features! See the FAQ to learn more. If you are integrating messaging in a new app, start with FCM. GCM users are strongly recommended to upgrade to FCM, in order to benefit from new FCM features today and in the future.

You can find how to setup GCM at (Setup GCM on Android)