Alternative Labeling Systems


Recommendation Recommendation

SAP recommends that you avoid testing this function in the productive system. You will be unable to set the alternative labeling systems to inactive and undesirable side effects may occur during deactivation.

Note that you must adjust the selection of internal reports accordingly if you activate or deactivate alternative labeling.

End of the recommendation.

A functional location is identified by its label. You can assign several labels to each functional location. You define the label that you work with the most as the primary label and all others as alternative labels . In this way you can define a primary and as many alternative labeling systems as you require for a functional location structure.

Note Note

The alternative indicator is not taken into account in the Business Information Warehouse (BW).

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You use this function if different views of functional locations structures are required. You can only generate new views for existing structures using these functions. You cannot generate any new structures . Certain users then identify a functional location in their view or labeling system 1 using label A, while other users identify the same functional location in their view or labeling system 2 using label B.

Example Example

The following views are feasible:

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Primary labeling system

Alternative labeling systems

Service provider view

View for customer 1

View for customer 2

View for customer 3

SAP view

Geographical Information System (GIS) view

Technical procedure view

Electronic/measurement/control technique view


Primary Labeling System

You should define the labeling system that the majority of users work with as the primary labeling system.

When creating or processing functional locations, a user can select a labeling system and save it in his or her own user profile if necessary. If a user has not saved a labeling system in his or her user profile, the system proposes the primary labeling system.


A label must be unique within a labeling system. This means that it can only exist once. You can also define that a label must be unique across all labeling systems.

Historical Labels

Functional location labels can be changed. The system saves all previously used labels as historical labels. You cannot reuse a historical label.

Note Note

However, if you need to use the historical label you must explicitly release it for reuse. To do this, use the executable program under Start of the navigation path Logistics Next navigation step Plant Maintenance Next navigation step Technical Objects Next navigation step Functional Location Next navigation step Labels Next navigation step Reusability End of the navigation path .

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You make all settings for labeling systems in Customizing for Plant Maintenance (PM) under Functional Locations .