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ID 91
Title SAP Mobile Platform
Short description Learn how to successfully design and implement administrative tasks with SAP Mobile Platform Administration.
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SAP Mobile Platform

featured content
primary solution
secondary solutions
level 2 solution for ERP and Digital Core
level 2 solution for Digital Supply Chain
level 2 solution for Network & Spend Management
level 2 solution for HR & People Engagement
level 2 solution for Digital Platform
level 2 solution for CRM & Customer Experience
level 2 solution for Industry Applications
level 2 solution for Analytics
level 2 solution for Intelligent Technologies

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Tile Type Parent Code
91 SAP Mobile Platform


Join the SAP Learning Room            
91 SAP Mobile Platform


Start with an overview            
91 SAP Mobile Platform


Start with an overview 411   347 SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 Fundamentals and Best Practices MOB01
91 SAP Mobile Platform


Become competent            
91 SAP Mobile Platform


Become competent     568 SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 Administration SMP720
91 SAP Mobile Platform


Become competent     575 SAP Certified Application Associate C_SMPADM
91 SAP Mobile Platform


Become competent     1568 SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 (SP03) Administration MOB10
91 SAP Mobile Platform


Stay current            
91 SAP Mobile Platform


Expand your skills            
91 SAP Mobile Platform


Expand your skills 684   518 SAP Gateway - Building OData Services GW100

Tile details

ID Title Parent code Short description Footnote Tile Type Learning room URL Learning room duration Learning room planned Learning room link text openSAP URL openSAP duration openSAP planned openSAP link text SAP live access URL SAP live access duration SAP live access planned SAP live access short description SAP live access link text e-book URL e-book duration e-book planned e-book short description e-book link text Classroom URL Classroom duration Classroom planned Classromm short description Classroom link text e-learning URL e-learning duration e-learning planned e-learning short description e-learning link text certification URL certification duration certification planned certification secondary text certification link text certification badge other URL 1 other duration 1 other planned 1 other short description 1 other link text 1 other link type 1 other URL 2 other duration 2 other short description 2 other link text 2 other link type 2 other URL 3 other duration 3 other short description 3 other link text 3 other link type 3 other URL 4 other duration 4 other short description 4 other link text 4 other link type 4 note secondary text academy URL academy duration academy planned academy link text assessment URL assessment duration assessment planned assessment short description assessment link text Hands-on Learning URL Hands-on Learning duration Hands-on Learning planned Hands-on Learning short description Hands-on Learning link text LJ URL 1 LJ short description 1 LJ URL 2 LJ short description 2 LJ URL 3 LJ short description 3 tile topic ID last updated
347 SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 Fundamentals and Best Practices MOB01  


      SAP Live Access



3 days     Classroom


18 h     eLearning                                                                

      Assessment                       loio5034bb807a2610149ae49e9ddb4bdf54 2018-04
568 SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 Administration SMP720  


      SAP Live Access


20 h     eBook


5 d     Classroom


20 h     eLearning                                                                

      Assessment                       loio503ab5cb7a26101484e8921ef4b4a432 2018-10
575 SAP Certified Application Associate C_SMPADM  

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3 h   SAP Mobile Platform Native and Hybrid Application Administration (SMP 3.0) Certification


                                                                                    loio503ad5db7a261014bf728563034da697 2018-12
1568 SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 (SP03) Administration MOB10  


      SAP Live Access


20 h     eBook


2 d     Classroom


8 h     eLearning                                                                

      Assessment                       loio5025e9f97a26101490a79f6cefa92f98 2018-08
518 SAP Gateway - Building OData Services GW100  



      SAP Live Access


20 h     eBook


5 d     Classroom


19.5 h     eLearning                                                                


0.75 h     Assessment                       loio5039a3c57a2610149cb494c4baf710ce 2019-02
ID title master master title master description role product featured content solution level 1 solution level 2 available on Help Portal available on Learning Hub
91 SAP Mobile Platform



SAP Mobile Platform

yes yes



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The Customer Engagement Executive (CEE) is an account management role focused on driving solution adoption, fostering customer satisfaction, safeguarding renewals and securing references. This role ensures our SAP partners have the skills to manage the full cloud customer lifecycle and to maximize adoption and renewals to enhance profitability. Upon completion of learning journeys, the learner will be equipped with the soft skills and expertise for the respective SAP Solution.

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