Revenue Planning


Revenue planning can be necessary when you perform results analysis on a sales order item and use a results analysis method that uses the planned revenues to calculate the results analysis data.


The net value (revenue) for sales-order-related production is determined in pricing in Sales and Distribution (SD). Pricing depends on specific conditions which you maintain in Sales and Distribution .

Example Example

A particular customer orders a particular quantity of a product on a particular day. The variable factors – customer, product, quantity ordered, date – determine the final price for the customer.

The system uses the conditions you specified to calculate the gross price at which the customer is invoiced; any discounts applying to the customer, for example; and other values such as freight charges and tax.

End of the example.

Pricing is controlled by a pricing procedure which is selected through the sales document type. Price elements such as prices, surcharges and discounts, freight costs and taxes are saved in Sales and Distribution as condition types. The pricing procedure determines which condition types are used and the sequence in which they are calculated in the sales order.

Condition Types

The standard system contains the following condition types that can be used in connection with unit costing, product costing, and preliminary order costing in assembly processing:

Condition Types for Pricing

Condition Type



Cost of goods manufactured (CGM)


CGM (statistical)


Fixed CGM (statistical)

  • Condition type EK01 is mainly used for cost-plus contracts in which the sales price depends on the expected costs.

  • Condition type EK02 is mainly used when the sales price is a market price and the expected costs are only used for informational purposes.

  • Condition type EK03 offers the capability of transferring the fixed costs of a cost estimate into the conditions.

The costs are transferred from the cost component view Cost of goods sold into the condition type.

The above-mentioned condition types must be of category Q. Whether a condition type of category Q is only used in pricing as a statistical value or for price calculation is controlled in the pricing procedure.

The condition type is created in Customizing for Sales .

The condition type can be selected as follows:

  • Through the sales document type

Condition types EK01 and EK02 are specified in the CndTypLineItems field in the sales document type.

  • Through the requirements class

This enables you to define different condition types for different sales document items of a sales document.

Condition types EK01 or EK02 are specified in the CndTypLineItems field in the requirements class.

Condition type EK03 is specified in the CondTypLinItFix field. You can only use condition type EK03 in conjunction with the requirements class.

Planned Revenues

Revenue elements from the SD pricing procedure that are not statistical are updated as planned revenue on the sales order item that carries costs and revenues, and can be viewed in the Product Cost Controlling Information System . Sales deductions can also be assigned to revenue elements through account determination, and updated on the CO object for the sales order item.

Example Example

The condition type is selected through the sales document type.

End of the example.
  • Condition type EK01 is selected for sales document type TA (standard order). This means that the value from the cost estimate goes directly into pricing. A surcharge is calculated from this value and the net value for the sales order item is calculated.

  • Condition type EK02 is selected for sales document type TA (standard order). Pricing is carried out on the basis of condition type PR00 . To maintain this price, choose Start of the navigation path Logistics Next navigation step Sales/distribution Next navigation step Sales Next navigation step Master data Next navigation step Prices Next navigation step Material prices Next navigation step and enter a material price. The material price is updated under condition type Next navigation step PR00 Next navigation step , while the values from the cost estimate are updated under condition type Next navigation step EK02 Next navigation step and can be used for informational purposes. End of the navigation path

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