SAP/ADP Payroll Interface: Technical Documentation

The SAP/ADP interface is used to outsource the payroll to ADP-GSI. mySAP ERP HCM Payroll France contains the basic data required for the payroll. This data is extracted and converted to ZADIG format in a sequential file using the interface Toolbox (transaction pu12).

The resulting file after encryption and compression is automatically sent to ADP-GSI via the communication station. This formatted data can be used to perform a payroll run on the ADP-GSI ZADIG payroll engine.

The payroll results obtained are stored in a new sequential file which is sent back by ADP-GSI and then imported in SAP format and saved in the SAP system as if the payroll run had actually been launched in SAP. This mechanism therefore ensures seamless integration with other SAP components such as FI/CO and the provision of payroll results for reporting purposes.