Display all Docs for an IT Assigned to EE (PA-PA)


If you want to display a document from a list of documents stored for a particular infotype assigned to an employee, proceed as follows.

  1. Choose Start of the navigation path Human resources Next navigation step Personnel management Next navigation step Administration Next navigation step , and then Next navigation step HR master data Next navigation step Display Next navigation step . End of the navigation path

  2. This takes you to the Display HR Master Data screen.

  3. Enter a personnel number.

  4. Select an infotype.

  5. Choose Display .

  6. An infotype record is displayed for the specified employee.

  7. Choose Start of the navigation path Extras Next navigation step Display specific facsimiles. End of the navigation path

  8. The system displays a list of all documents stored for the infotype you selected.

  9. Select a document and choose Display facsimiles .


The selected document is displayed.