Store for Subsequent Entry (PA-PA)


When the “store for subsequent entry” scenario is performed, incoming documents are scanned and then assigned to a document type.

This document type is usually assigned to the personnel administrator responsible. However, it can also be linked to an organizational unit, job, position, or work center.

The scanned document is then forwarded as a mail to the personnel administrator’s inbox. He or she can check the provisional assignment to a document type, and confirm or change the assignment.


There are two ways of assigning a document to an employee using the “store for subsequent entry” scenario:

  • If the document type is assigned to an infotype and just one infotype record exists, the infotype record is displayed directly when document processing continues. If more than one data record exists for the infotype, a list of all data records is displayed. The personnel administrator can then choose the required data record from the list. Start of the navigation path To link the document to an employee and infotype, he or she choosesExtras Next navigation step Assign facsimile. End of the navigation path

    Assign Document with Infotype Reference to Employee (PA-PA)

  • If the document type is not assigned to an infotype, the Maintain HR Master Data screen is displayed when document processing continues. The personnel administrator can link the document with the employee there.

    Assign Document Without Infotype Reference to an Employee (PA-PA)